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Roen Kelly, Inflation Theory James Josephides, Stars Leigh Madeline Nelson, Galaxies Netta Kasher, Exoplanets Erik Crins, Thin Galactic Disc Kirk Zimmerman, Protoplanetary Disc Joanne Neubauer, Prolonged Bombardment Joanne Neubauer, Prolonged Bombardment Carl Conway, Microbial Mats Jenny Chin, Great Oxygenation Event Sarah Gluschitz, Complex Cells Yun-Kae Kiang, Multicellular Eukaryotes Scott Rawlins, Sponges Chase Septer, Cambrian Radiation Karin Spijker, Vertbrates Emily Stepp, Tetrapods Juliana Spahr, Amniotes Ikumi Kayama, Dinosaurs Jan Karen Campbell, Mammals Reid Psaltis, K–Pg Extinction Bernadette Rawyler, Eocene Primates Jamie Gustafson, Ancestral Apes Louis Durrant, Anthropocene Extinction

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